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New Barrel Spacer

We have been working on an improved barrel spacer, including a taller model that fits the CSV17. These new spacers match the curvatures of the barrel and chamber and provide better support. They are sized to match the PVC barrel/chamber spacing according to the drawing dimensions of the fittings, providing the fittings are cemented fully touching and straight. Here is a prototype shown on my old test launcher. Note that we don’t recommend going above 90 psi, however the parts are rated for more and we have tested at the label pressure without incident.

We are just starting to make these parts so they should show up in orders shipped in December providing things go as planned.


Santa Rosa is on Fire, Pacificon is coming

We are saddened and distracted by the terrible fires just to our North in our hometown. In the first night the fire consumed six of our past and present family homes, and these were miles apart. Many of our family and friends are now homeless, and the flames are still burning. Many of our childhood places are gone. It is very hard to believe. The smoke here, even 50 miles away, is significant, and some of the flames are not very far away from our location.

This has distracted us from our production and we apologize for this extra delay in filling orders.

We will be at Pacificon again this year. My wife has the Premiere Jewelry booth (a new company for her), you may find me there at times. I will also be selling in the flea market, I may be able to bring some launcher product as well as some good stuff from the garage to sell. Come by and say hi!

Field Day 2017

We made our last pre Field Day shipment a few days ago, and are now fully involved in packing for the Annual trip. Hope to hear from you on the Radio next weekend!

During this period email responses will be slow, we will return after Field Day and re-engage.

Order processing will resume after 27 June. Thanks for your patience!

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