Frequently Asked Questions

The Antenna Launching Introductory FAQ is Here

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What is the difference in performance between the Launchers?

The CSV17 is 17″ long and launches about 130 feet high. It is sized so a 12 gram CO2 cartridge is adequate to make a good launch.

The CSV19 is 19″ long and launches about 160 feet high.

The CSV23 is 23″ long and launches about 200 feet high (we have not tested this unit).

Which direction is the Pressure Safety Valve installed?

The Pressure Safety Valve relieves pressure when it exceeds a set value. On one end it has a tapered thread that is installed into the launcher. On the other end it has a machine thread with an adjusting nut and a small stem sticking out.  This should go away from the launcher.

If a Launcher is broken, can it be repaired?

Launchers can be repaired or rebuilt. Many components can be re-used to reduce the cost of rebuilding.