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If you correspond with us, or make an order, Please make sure that you accept incoming email from, and check in your spam folder for replies just in case. Paypal sends an email to you at the time of order, plus we usually send another confirmation email within a few days. When the order ships another email is sent by UPS or PayPal. If there are questions or delays extra emails are dispatched. Please watch for them. If we cannot establish communications via email or other means we may have no option but to cancel and refund your order.

Email is not perfect. Occasionally emails get lost, hidden or just plain missed in the flow. Try again if your email was not responded to within a few days. We are occasionally out of town for a few days.

Our product is made from plumbing and other parts, and the brand and appearance of these parts changes from time to time. We must use what we can get, and adapt it to our use. The launcher or parts we ship you may not look exactly like the photos on our website, but it has been tested for functionality.