Order Status

Nominal Order Preparation Estimates

  • Standard Parts and Accessories orders approximately 1-4 weeks to shipment
  • Kit Launcher orders approximately 2-6 weeks to shipment
  • Assembled Launcher orders approximately 4-12 weeks to shipment
  • Note that in some cases times may stretch out longer, send us email if there are any questions
  • Foreign Destinations take longer due to additional paperwork and a special trip to the Post Office that must be scheduled
  • Launcher orders arriving in June and December will have additional delays due to Field Day and Holiday vacations

Shipping Status Reports


  • Processing Orders
  • Waiting for some parts
  • Mini Coaxial Reels have replaced Zip(tm Saunders) reels (due to Saunders no longer making the main component)
  • Procuring/Machining another batch of parts
  • Recovering the damaged website, some documents offline

NOTE – The dates of orders placed are the date we record in the order log. Generally this is the date of the PayPal transaction, or the date the phone order is taken, or the date the check is received. Accessories or parts ordered with a launcher or kit are considered part of the launcher or kit order.

NOTE – If your package is ready to ship, and we are waiting for the shipper to pick it up, or a payment to arrive or clear we count it as shipped for the purpose of the dates above.

NOTE – Estimates are based on availability of parts and time and subject to change without notice.