Orders take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to prepare for shipment, depending on the depth of the order que, parts availability, our available time and preparation effort required. To check on the current shipping schedule please review the Order Status page.

To check on the shipping status of your order check the Order Status page or send us an email.

We ship United Parcel Service (UPS) when it makes sense, US Postal Service (USPS) the rest of the time and Federal Express (Fedex) when we have to. Shipping costs and methods are subject to change without notice.

What that usually means is UPS for Continental US, and USPS for very light packages and non-continental US destinations. Alaska and Hawaii are also shipped USPS.

Foreign surface shipments take too long, so those generally go Air Parcel Post.

We generally ship twice per week. Foreign destinations take longer to ship out due to extra paperwork and a special trip to the post office to stand in line.

If you have a preference or a problem let us know and we will try to accommodate it. Note that our shipping costs are not accurate for every situation and will require adjustment for extra costs in some cases.

Note on Foreign Shipments – we need your phone number for the export paperwork. The customer is responsible for any duties, taxes and fees.

Long Distance Shipping Costs outside the lower 48 states

The cost of foreign and long distance shipping varies a great deal, and in general is expensive. Typical values for a launcher will vary from about $50 for Canada, Alaska or Hawaii to $100 for Europe to $150 for New Zealand. If you wish to order from outside the lower 48 states, figure out exactly what you wish to order and request a quotation via email with a list of your items. We will investigate and come up with a shipping amount, and if that is favorable to you we can then send a PayPal Invoice. Make certain you input the appropriate shipping address and contact phone number when paying the PayPal invoice as this will be the shipping information used.

It is recommended that you order spare consumable items such as launch balls and launch line in the initial order as separately shipping these items later will result in additional shipping costs.

The CSV17 is smaller and lighter so will save considerable shipping cost. The PADS case weight and bulk adds considerably, sourcing a local case (such as Pelican or equivalent) can be a savings. Shipping the larger and heavier CSV19 is an additional cost.

Local Regulations

In addition, MAKE SURE that these launchers are allowed in your area. Some parts of Australia consider them as firearms, for example. We cannot keep track of local regulations, that is the buyer’s responsibility.