About Us

Alan Biocca Engineering is my small business. I have always been a bit of an inventor, and I’ve developed a few unique and useful products and this is the way some of them are marketed. This includes Pneumatic Antenna Launchers that are used to put lines over tall trees for emergency and ham radio antennas, and a Triple Ratio Balun that provides high isolation and impedance transformation for ham radio antennas. FDLog is a WiFi based synchronized distributed database logging program for Field Day operations that I wrote in Python and give away under a GNU license.

I decided to upgrade my callsign so I applied for and received W6AKB, previously I was licensed as WB6ZQZ and WN6ZQZ.

Alan’s WB6ZQZ Ham Radio Website (offline)

Another of my more recent passions is Electric Bicycles. I started building Ebikes for myself in about 2010 and put on thousands of miles each year, mostly commuting to work (before retirement). I have a small fleet of Ebikes and I have a website for them here.

Eric Williams (WD6CMU) and I have worked together on several projects including the Pneumatic Antenna Launchers. Eric designed and builds the mounts and prepares the Zip Reels for the Launchers..

Eric’s Website (WD6CMU)

My wife Dawn (KB6LHP) helps out with bookkeeping, document formatting and shipping. She has her own small business selling Premier Jewelry and we often share a table at Hamfests. So if you see me wearing a Hamfest badge that says “Premier Jewelry” now you’ll know why!

My son Chris (KG6LXL) helps out by making the Tennis Balls up for the Antenna Launchers and packing kits and boxes for shipping, as well as taking packages to the post office.

My daughter Jessica (KI6ELP) helps out with deliveries and launch balls.