Online Ordering

We use an Online Catalog shopping cart system that interfaces with PayPal. This way we don’t get involved with your credit card or bank information – that is between you and PayPal. PayPal also provides some protection for buyer and seller, and they help us with shipping labels, postage, etc. If possible use PayPal. They now take credit cards without setting up an account, so you can handle it like any other online vendor, plus they have other options.

If you do use PayPal, make sure you complete the Online Catalog’s PayPal shopping cart pages, otherwise we will not get the order.  Make sure your PayPal shipping address and email are correct as that is where your package will go. If you don’t see a payment in your PayPal records, it is not complete. Contact us if you have any question.

If PayPal really doesn’t work for you we can take checks, or a credit card number over the phone or in the regular mail. Send us email and we’ll set up a time for a phonecall to get the information. Please don’t send credit card information in email as it is not secure.

If you wish to pay by personal check or credit card in the mail you can use the Online Catalog and print out the result before making an online payment. You can print out the paper order form and fill that out, then mail the check, order form, and cart printout to us. Drop us an email and we will send you the ordering address.

Wire transfers (bank drafts) are slow, complicated and expensive, they charge us to receive the funds, and they usually charge the sender as well. Let’s avoid them if possible. Postal money orders are not very handy, the bank doesn’t want to take them, and the post office here doesn’t seem to know what to do with them either. Bank money orders or cashier’s checks are probably better, but should be drawn on a US bank. PayPal is best.