• CSV19 Launcher with Zip Reel sitting on a Rubbermaid Tote that is sized to contain the Launcher and Accessories

  • CSV17 with Mini Coaxial Reel and CO2 system fits into the Toolcase shown for a complete Antenna Launching solution. All Terrain Vehicle not included.

  • Ron N3ETA's Launcher with a nice custom paint job. Krylon Fusion paint works well on the plastic. Zip Reel by Saunders with WD6CMU custom coaxial barrel mounting system.

  • The TRB provides 12, 25 and 50 ohm impedance transformations as well as choke balance features. This is especially useful with compact portable antennas such as the Buddipole.

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The free downloadable Introductory Video is a quick way to learn about our Antenna Launchers.

Welcome to Alan Biocca Engineering. Our most popular products are Pneumatic Antenna Launchers and Triple Ratio Baluns. We offer Assembled and Kit Launchers, components and Free Plans as well as Balun Kits.

On the Cover of QRP Quarterly

We opened our copy of QRP Quarterly (it comes in an envelope) and right there on the front cover is one of our CSV19 design Pneumatic Antenna Launchers, complete with Zip Reel in the hands of Bruce Beford, N1RX taking aim at the treetops. Bruce painted the white PVC on his CSV19 yellow, which looks great against the dark gray barrel. Bruce used his launcher at Lobstercon to wow the bystanders and put up some antennas. The article indicates it “proved to be a worthy tool indeed”, and “it was accurate and had the range necessary for just about anything” (page 29). Nice job, Bruce! Article text by Timothy Stabler WB9NLZ.

Photos of Lobstercon 2007 Launching here

You can see the QQ cover photo at the QRP ARCI website (for a few months)

We are slowing the order flow so that we can catch up, things have become a bit backlogged lately. Pre-assembled launchers are now listed as out of stock, and we plan to suspend most ordering during December while we finish out all the orders in the queue. Ordering will be returned to normal in January.

NEW Tennis Ball Barrel Material

Yes! Finally we have some new Tennis Ball Barrel Material. This material is white, cleans up nicely, and will not need to be painted unless a different color is required. The material is new but stored outside (before we get it), so it needs some cleanup (but it does not have sun damage). A little scrubbing with a pot scouring pad works wonders! We will continue to paint the assembled launcher barrels blue, but kits and parts will be shipped unpainted.

CSV19 Carrying Case

The Rubbermaid 10 Gallon “Roughneck” Totes are again available, thanks to Lowe’s hardware. The CSV19 was designed to fit in this tote, so of course they were discontinued – but Lowe’s has exclusively brought them back, and the cost is reasonable.  If they are not in stock, Lowe’s can order them for you. Link. Thanks to Barry K6ST for this research. We have a few here but they are bulky and expensive to ship, so finding them locally is good.

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