• CSV19 Launcher with Zip Reel sitting on a Rubbermaid Tote that is sized to contain the Launcher and Accessories

  • CSV17 with Mini Coaxial Reel and CO2 system fits into the Toolcase shown for a complete Antenna Launching solution. All Terrain Vehicle not included.

  • Ron N3ETA's Launcher with a nice custom paint job. Krylon Fusion paint works well on the plastic. Zip Reel by Saunders with WD6CMU custom coaxial barrel mounting system.

  • The TRB provides 12, 25 and 50 ohm impedance transformations as well as choke balance features. This is especially useful with compact portable antennas such as the Buddipole.

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The free downloadable Introductory Video is a quick way to learn about our Antenna Launchers.

Welcome to Alan Biocca Engineering. Our most popular products are Pneumatic Antenna Launchers and Triple Ratio Baluns. We offer Assembled and Kit Launchers, components and Free Plans as well as Balun Kits.

Pacificon Notes

We’re back from the Pacificon convention. We had a good turnout at the presentation there, and lots of folks talked to us at our corner of the wife’s Cookie Lee table. Thanks for all the good comments and suggestions. We had a good show and there was a lot of new interest. We also have a couple of new speaking invitations to local clubs.

The next event on the calendar right now is the River City ARC meeting on wednesday the 8th of November. They usually have meetings on tuesday night, but this one is on wednesday.

Now we will work on the backlog of orders. Three are ready to go out, but there are several more in the queue to start on, and we’ve heard that we need to bring some to the meeting Nov. 8.

Perhaps we’ll see you there!

Pacificon 2006 Convention

We are preparing to depart now for the SJVARS Harvest Hamfest (where we have an Early presentation), but in a few weeks we will be going to Pacificon. We have a session scheduled, “How to Build a Pneumatic Antenna Launcher” at 10:45 in Salon F. On the Pacificon web www.pacificon.org, it has been shortened and the word “Launcher” left off. Hope to see you all there! We will also have a corner of the wife’s Cookie Lee jewelry table in the hallway.


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