• CSV19 Launcher with Zip Reel sitting on a Rubbermaid Tote that is sized to contain the Launcher and Accessories

  • CSV17 with Mini Coaxial Reel and CO2 system fits into the Toolcase shown for a complete Antenna Launching solution. All Terrain Vehicle not included.

  • Ron N3ETA's Launcher with a nice custom paint job. Krylon Fusion paint works well on the plastic. Zip Reel by Saunders with WD6CMU custom coaxial barrel mounting system.

  • The TRB provides 12, 25 and 50 ohm impedance transformations as well as choke balance features. This is especially useful with compact portable antennas such as the Buddipole.

Get it Now!

The free downloadable Introductory Video is a quick way to learn about our Antenna Launchers.

Welcome to Alan Biocca Engineering. Our most popular products are Pneumatic Antenna Launchers and Triple Ratio Baluns. We offer Assembled and Kit Launchers, components and Free Plans as well as Balun Kits.

Update after Outage

Our webhosting service had a major outage for a few days, and just came back online. They had multiple failures of a large RAID SAN system and had to restore from backups which takes a lot of time. We may have lost a posting or two, but we are still here. The AntennaLaunchers site wasn’t affected, as only the database was offline, but this site uses the database so it was down. I was just about to put up an HTML page here when it came back online.

We are here and crunching through the pre Field Day orders. Please allow plenty of time and order early so we can get them all done and to you in time. Thanks in advance for your patience.

We are trying out some new pre-colored SDR21 barrel material. It is sort of a lavender/pink color and designed for recycled water use so has markings on it. Of course we only use new PVC pipe so it has never seen recycled water. Let us know if you like this color and we can make changes in the next order. It can be painted with Krylon Fusion but we would like to avoid the painting process here if we could, it adds delay and effort to the builds, and it is not as durable as a built-in finish.


Progress in the Workshop

Most of this year has slipped by without a new posting here! The orders keep coming and we keep making launchers, so we are keeping busy. Thanks for your support!

A lot of things have changed in this past year, one constant is making launchers and kits. We also have a few triple ratio balun kits, though the web page doesn’t indicate that. You can always drop us an email and ask about the balun kit availability. Note that the Triple Ratio Balun is really a Quad Ratio Balun as you can tap between the 50 and 12 ohm jack to get around 38 ohms!

We are preparing for the Christmas rush and making a large batch of parts. Make sure to get those orders in before December so that we can have a chance to get them shipped out before Christmas.

Materials and component prices continue to rise, we have not adjusted for inflation in some time. Don’t wait!

Just updated the website software, please let us know if there’s anything not working!

— AlanB, W6AKB

New Year 2015

I hope everyone had a great holiday. We shipped a lot of product in November and December and had a short holiday from Launcher work at the end of December.

We are cranking up again with lots of machining and parts ordering. If you need a launcher for Spring or Field Day get the order in early so we will have time to make one for you.

Safe Launching and Thanks for your Support!

– Alan, W6AKB

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