• CSV19 Launcher with Zip Reel sitting on a Rubbermaid Tote that is sized to contain the Launcher and Accessories

  • CSV17 with Mini Coaxial Reel and CO2 system fits into the Toolcase shown for a complete Antenna Launching solution. All Terrain Vehicle not included.

  • Ron N3ETA's Launcher with a nice custom paint job. Krylon Fusion paint works well on the plastic. Zip Reel by Saunders with WD6CMU custom coaxial barrel mounting system.

  • The TRB provides 12, 25 and 50 ohm impedance transformations as well as choke balance features. This is especially useful with compact portable antennas such as the Buddipole.

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The free downloadable Introductory Video is a quick way to learn about our Antenna Launchers.

Welcome to Alan Biocca Engineering. Our most popular products are Pneumatic Antenna Launchers and Triple Ratio Baluns. We offer Assembled and Kit Launchers, components and Free Plans as well as Balun Kits.

New Callsign W6AKB

Yesterday I was granted callsign W6AKB. It is going to be difficult to stop using WB6ZQZ which I have used for a very long time. The new callsign is a bit quicker and easier to understand over the air in noisy conditions, shorter on CW and it is my initials so I should be able to remember it!

Soon I’ll have a separate website at www.w6akb.com for ham radio stuff.

Yesterday I fabricated a neat new jig to make it easier and more precise to drill pressure chambers. Always looking for improvements. Over the past week I also made some improved software for organizing orders, received another batch of PVC for parts and we shipped a bunch of launchers, but there is still a backlog that we are working on.

Thanks for your support!

— Alan K Biocca, W6AKB formerly WB6ZQZ formerly WN6ZQZ

Field Day 2011

Field Day has come and gone, and we are scrambling to catch up with all the new orders that piled up while we were away. We ran out of just about everything, so it takes a bit more ordering and other effort to get it going again.

We got a new shipment of the special barrel material, so that is not a problem.

Full speed ahead!

Field Day 2011 Preparations

We have come to that point in our program where we have time and parts for only a few more shipments before Field Day. Orders placed after 10 June 2011 will be shipped in July. Orders through June 10 will ship before Field Day.

Hope to speak with  you on the air during Field Day. Our Field Day group will probably be using the call Whiskey Six Power Supply again this year. Dave has a great callsign for Field Day. We use the best call from the members present, so some years it changes. Whiskey Bravo Six Whiskey is another call we have used in past years, but Glenn has moved far enough away that he probably won’t make many of our group Field Days in the coming years.

Have a Great Field Day, and for those wondering what we are talking about you can visit the following website:

Field Day

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